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What is Webhosting? How do I choose a strong Webhosting provider in 2021?

What is webhosting

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Webhosting is a service that enables you to post a website, web page or web application onto the internet. The service provides storage space for your website and all the files and data necessary for your website to function on a server on the internet.  

All this is handle by a web host or web hosting service provider that provides the technologies and services stored on their computers and servers. So when a user want to visit your website, they type in your URL/website address or domain name in their browser, their computer will then connect to your server and your website will appear on their browser.

How Webhosting works?

Before starting your new website, you need to find a web hosting provider that supplies you with server space. The web host stores all your files and databases on their server, and when a user types your domain name in their browser, your host then transfers all the necessary files to the requested server.

The server is a computer that runs 24/7 without interruption, so your website is available all the time for your visitors. And it is the web host’s job to keeping that server up and running and protecting it from malware and transfer your content from the server to your visitors’ browser. 

How to choose a Webhosting package?

You can choose from a lot of several web hosting options because there is many options. But before choosing which one is would be right for your business, you have to ask you self, what are the goals of you site? How much help do you need? and what is the future plan for expanding your online business? 

You have to consider storage space for your content and cost, so how much are willing to pay or need to pay for creating your website?

Here are some features you should expect from most of the hosting providers when you register with them:

Email accounts and FTP access. 

Email accounts:

Most hosting providers require users to have their own domain name when there register. The domain name can be used to create email accounts provided by your hosting company. It is different from company to company how many email accounts you can create with you domain. Take a look at the hosting providers site to know how many email accounts that is available.  

FTP Access: 

When you use FTP, you can upload files from your local computer to your web server. If you choose to build your website using your own HTML files, you can use FTP to transfer files from your computer to the web server.

How to choose a web hosting provider?

Before choosing a web hosting provider, you should investigate what their offer, their performance and claims. Investigate these following areas:

Credibility – How long time have the provider been in the industry?

Uptime – Does the company guarantee a 99% uptime and do they tell more about their servers?

Reviews – Does the company have a good online reviews and testimonials? Overall how is the company’s reputation?

Support – Does the company offer 24/7 professionnel support? This step is very important, because it have a high impact how you website works, should you need help if anything goes wrong. 

Related services – Does the company have other related products, such as security, email and backup services? Having all services under one provider reduce the time for getting help. 

Access – Can you access your control panel from other device such as smartphones or tablets? 

Backup – Can you make backups of you contents and website. 

Security – Does the company have good security protocols? Are all you data secured and can anyone other then you access your control panel?

Which web hosting options are available?

Most web hosting providers offer different types of hosting, so there is several ways to choose how to host your website, whether you want a website for a simple blog site, to a bigger online business. The most popular options available are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting. 

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is good for a small business or a blog. It is the cheapest hosting option available because your server space is shared by other websites. The websites hosted on the same server share all resources such as memory, disk space etc. 

The Pros is the low cost, you do not need to a high technical knowledge, pre-configured server options, very user-friendly and the maintenance and server administration is out of you hand, because all is taken cared for your. 

The Cons are that you do not have any control over the server configuration and the traffic on other websites can make your website slow down. 

But as mentioned before, if you have a small business and no technical flair, then this choice would be excellent for you. 

Find shared web hosting solutions here:
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What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a form of shared hosting, invented for WordPress site owners. With this hosting type, your server is configured for WordPress and your site is with pre-installed plugins, pre-designed WordPress themes, drag-and-drop page builders, and other tools. Which makes it easier for you to build and host your website and also because of the optimized configuration, your site launch faster and there are fewer problems.

The Pros by choosing this hosting type is, the lower cost and user-friendly, professional support, pre-installed plugins and themes. 

The only Cons is that it only is recommended for WordPress sites.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is a hosting type whare your still shares a server with other users. But the different here is that your web host allocates an separate partition for you on that specific server. Which means that you will receive a dedicated server space and reserved amount of resources and memory. Which can be excellent for a medium sized business that have growing traffic on their website. 

The Pros are the dedicated server space, traffic from other websites does not affect your website’s performance and you have root access to the server. 

Though the Cons are that it is more expensive than other hosting types and you must have some technical flair and server management knowledge. 

We have found some good VPS offers for you:

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What is Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you get your own physical server that is solely dedicated to your website. Which gives you the possibility to manage your website however you want. It means that you can configure your server as it seems fit, choose the operating system and software that you want to use. Basically the whole hosting configurations can be set up according to your needs. 

By having this type of hosting is like owning your a on-site server, and therefore it comes with professional support of your web hosting provider. Dedicated hosting is often used bare large online businesses that has heavy traffic on their website. 

How VPS Works

The Pros are, full control over your server configuration, very high security options and you have root access to your server. 

The Cons are, high cost and oriented for larger businesses, and you must have a high technical knowledge.

You can easily get Dedicated Hosting:

NameHero Cloud Dedicated Servers

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the most used and reliable on the market. With this hosting type, your web host provides you with a cluster of servers, where your files and resources are copied and hostet on each server. It works by route your website traffic to another server in the cluster, when there is to much traffic or issues on one of the cloud servers. This process has almost no downtime, and therefore this hosting type is perfect if you are a own of a busy website with a lot of traffic.

Pros are very low downtime, no effects on your website from server failure, you only pay for what you use and more opportunities for scalable. 

Cons are you will not always have root access and the precisely cost can be hard to estimate. 

Overall there is a lot of web hosting type options and the best thing to do is, to start with the easiest solution and then upgrade to more advanced types, when your website have reached high traffic from visitors. 


Before publishing your website online, it requires a web hosting services, by giving the business owners hosting, other related products thats ensure that the customers website are up and running 24/7.  There also provides support to the customer, so the business owner can focus their time and effort on the their businesses and not the technical for running af website.

Webhosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the internet.
A lot of people are confused about what exactly webhosting means, with so many different types of hosting services available on the market today. The term “web hosting” can be used in two ways – it can mean either renting space on a server for your own use or providing space on your own server for someone else to use (known as shared or virtual private servers). In both cases, you will have access to an FTP client which allows you to upload files onto the host’s server using File Transfer Protocol. This means that you don’t need any special software installed locally; all you need is an internet connection and basic knowledge of how FTP works. We have also included some information below about domain names if this topic interests you!
Web hosting is a service that allows you to store your website files on the internet. This means that even when you’re not online, your site will still be accessible by users. Web Hosting has several benefits and can help increase traffic to your site as well as improve its performance. It’s also very cost effective! If you have a business or personal website, it’s important to host it on the internet so people can access it from anywhere in the world.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to store your website files on the internet. This means that even when you’re not online, your site will still be accessible by users. Web Hosting has several benefits and can help increase traffic to your site as well as improve its performance. It’s also very cost effective! If you have a business or personal website, it’s important to host it on the internet so people can access it from anywhere in the world.

Choosing a web hosting provider is one of the most important decisions you can make for your website. You want to choose a good host that will provide reliable service, with fast page loading speeds and excellent customer support. We have reviewed over 30+ top web hosting providers in the industry and narrowed it down to our top 3 recommendations. All of these companies offer great features at affordable prices! Check out which ones we recommend below!
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Cloudways VULTR HF – Strong collabaration between Cloudways who have the easy interface, built-in solutions as CDN and VULTR’s freaky fast Web Hosting. If you like monthly paid Web hosting instead of 1-3 years ahead this a perfect solution for you.

Web Hosting vs. Domain differences explained:
Web Hosting is a account on a server that can store and serve your website files via the Internet. When you first buy web hosting, you get a long digit number that could actually be used to visit your website. Since a long series of numbers is not so easy to remember, a domain is a much better way to remember the address, as it is instead built up of letters. The domain can, for example, be a company name, such as Google.com, facebook.com, etc.

The best Web Hosting Services
#1 NameHero

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