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What is Reseller Hosting – How to start?

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Reseller hosting is when you use the resources of a web hosting company package and resell this your clients as your own hosting company. A lot of web hosting companies have reseller packages plans available, and some companies can benefit from choosing to host their site with resellers. Also, others choose to open their own reseller hosting accounts.
Basically, with reseller hosting, you as an account owner of reseller hosting service rent out a portion of disk space and bandwidth you receive to other users and therefore you are like a hosting service provider to the other users. 

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How does reseller hosting work?

Numerous web hosting firms offer reseller hosting packages by setting up an account. The account is set up so you as an account holder can pay a monthly fee for the account, and then host multiple subaccounts under it, that you manage and bills the users for. 
The Web Hosting company, in this example NameHero will have the infrastructure, webservers and the product ready for you. You will buy for your package every month, and your job is to get enough clients, so you can make a good profit. You will as a reseller be a white-labeled web hosting company, who can promote web hosting services under your own company name. You take the customers calls, mails, but if it is a more complex question, the Web Hosting have your back and will help you.

Some hosting firms hosts contract with the reseller and charge per client. Which means the reseller adds another client the host charges and it is also possible to choose from different kinds of packages. 

Depending on the hosting frim, the reseller has different features available, but there are often common features included in some packages.  Some of these features are disc space, bandwidth, domain hosting and the ability to brand your own web hosting company. 

Why use reseller hosting?

The biggest reason to use reseller hosting is definitely the price. Various of the reseller hosting plans are cheap, you can get some for a few dollars a month. Though the resellers might not be able to provide you with reliable support such as well-known hosting firms. 

Before starting your own web hosting company, you have to consider some steps:

  1. Consider how many customers you can attract to your company, which will determine your services packages. 
  1. Find different web hosting firms and figure out which ones offer reseller hosting.
  1. Set up the packages that you will offer the customers. 
  1. Choose your types and size of your service packages.
  1. Compare the different hosting firms reseller plans and find out which ones that suits your needs. 
  1. Find the customers and create your marketing plan.
  1. Ascertain you pricing for selling your hosting packages and related services. 
  1. Choose one and sign up for a reseller package. 
  1. Start your business and support your customers. 

How can I start reseller hosting?

You can start a reseller hosting by signing up and then you will receive access to a Cpanel or other admin package which includes an admin console. In that you will have your designated disk space and bandwidth. The Cpanel will contain the necessary tools to set up new accounts, assign disk space, domains, email addresses and other features of web hosting. 

Then you can shape your own hosting plans for reselling to clients, provide administrative rights to the users manage traffic, advertising and other aspects of web hosting.  You are probably thinking that all this is difficult, but if you have knowledge on setting up a shared hosting for a website, then setting up reseller hosting will be easy because of the similarity. The biggest differences are that rather than setting up your own domain, email and website, you set up the framework and then your clients will do all the other things. 

One of the benefits of reseller hosting is your clients own cPanel or other dashboards, where they can manage their accounts. Which saves you a lot of time on administration and that means reseller hosting becomes more like a residual income plan and not a full-time job. 


If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start your own business then reseller hosting is good for you. Reseller hosting is a relatively low-risk investment with a very limited startup cost. 

Reseller hosting is also good for en users if you have some experience as webmaster. The positive is the low cost of reseller web hosting. But if you are new to hosting and programming, then reseller hosting might not be your preferred choice. The reason is that the troubleshooting is problematic if you encounter some problems. 

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