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What is Alidropship? Get your own money making AliExpress dropshipping business today

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AliDropship is a company that offers automated solutions for dropshipping business with AliExpress. Behind them have a team experienced in software development, marketing, management and dropshipping. 

AliDropships WordPress based plugins allow you to launch your own webshop, promote your store through SoMe by using plugins. Also, more add-ons help boost your sales. The company provides support and services, so you will also have a team ready to help you. 

AliDropship allows you to start a business without having any special knowlegde and experience to become an eCommerce entrepreneur.

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How does AliDropship plugin work?

AliDropship plugin has two versions, AliDropship Original Plugin and AliDropship Woo Plugin. The company allow you to choose depending on your personal preferences skills and business aims by referring to the comparison chart below, that shows the major differences between the two plugins.


AliDropship recommendation for choosing the AliDropship original plugin:

  • You are new to the eCommerce business and do not have any experience.
  • You are starting a new webshop or store from scratch. 
  • You are searching for a solution that is ready from the beginning, so you do not need search, install and pay for more plugins or themes. 

AliDropship recommendation for choosing the AliDropship Woo plugin:

  • You are experienced and understand how WooCommerce works. 
  • You already have a WooCommerce-based store, and only need to fill the store with products from AliExpress quickly and easy.

Though make in mind that AliDropship original plugin is only compatible with the build-in themes and does not support Woo themes. Also, the AliDropship Woo plugin works with themes produced by WooCommerce and therefore can not be installed with the built-in themes. 

With these considerations in mind, you are now ready to launch your own webshop, but before that take a look at how to start an AliDropship business. 

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How to start Alidropship business?

How to start an Alidropshop business is simple and easy if you have done the research of your market and found your niche. 

There are 10 steps to start your AliDropship business:

  1. You have to choose and buy the AliDropship plugin.
  2. Acquire a domain and hosting, which you do by buying hosting with the AliDropship that is optimized for all you need for dropshipping, but you can also another provider of your choice. 
  3. Enter WordPress and install the AliDropship plugin.
  4. Arrange your website’s theme, so it is compatible with the AliDropship plugin. Be aware that only WordPress built-in themes are compatible. 
  5. Decide and set up your price formula in the AliDropship settings, which could be x2 or more the price you have paid or choose the recommended price by choosing “Add recommended”. 
  6. Choose your payment gateways and set them up, which could be QuickPay, Paypal, Stripe etc. 
  7. Use the license key received with your plugin to activate your license.
  8. Make sure to install the AliDropship Chrome extension, so you can import products to your website/store. 
  9. Find products by yourself or use Dropship.me plugin, which helps you pull all the best selling products from AliExpress.
  10. Now you import the products to your store, add descriptions etc. and at last publish them to sell. 

Basically, that’s all to it for starting an AliDropship business, but now it is up to you to endure the maintenance and updating your store to be successful. 

Should you need more help, you can order a custom ready store that is optimized and you will get assistance from a personal manager to supervise the process. Find more: AliDropship


AliDropshop provides a lot of features designed to help create, run, and upscale your dropshipping business. You are provided with easy integration with features such as pricing automation. Also, you get direct access to many products through AliExpress and get a 100% control over your website/store. It userfriendly and a place to start as a beginner but also as an experienced eCommerce, because of the support the company provides. 

Click on the package & get a discount 25 % on the Alidropship plugin. Use code: GETPLUGIN25
(normal $89) – Your price $66,75!

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