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How to start a website – The ultimate guide – Step by Step

how to build a website

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Building a website is not that difficult to make, but you need to find out what needs you have to the website, so you easier can find the right platform that you need in your case. One question you need to ask yourself is: How much time do you want to use on creating the website, also how many hours and your financial situation? In this guide I will cover a lot of the possibilities, so you do not need to use many hours as I used before I started earning money.  I will tell you the story of my website journey. 

My wife started a local flower shop in a small town, and we found out fast that advertising in the newspapers and other media was really expensive. I tried a lot of times putting in an ad in the newspaper but got almost no response for a big cost. 

So I needed to think smarter about the branding of our flower shop in my area.  Then I remember that some small flower shops in another part of the country had started their own webshop and sold a lot more because of that. At that time I had never tried to build any website at all, but it was the only smart solution for me to do. I started using a lot of time to learn how to build a website from Youtube, and after a lot of time picking the right platform I found the right domain and hosting.

Picking the right platform

When you need to pick the right platform for your website, you have 2 ways to go about it. The first solution is the laziest and most expensive part, where you can get a web designer making the website for you for a couple of thousand. But how about the maintaining of the website, and how to use it in the right way? I have seen a lot of companies in the small town picking some extremely expensive solutions and remained with a website they couldn’t use that much. So its really important to choose a good website platform that fits you.

My own brother started a webshop and paid over 100 dollars a month, for a platform where you just put the products in and had a few adjustments, and then you are ready for your first sale. But how big revenue do you get, if your cost is too huge even before you sell your first product? And let’s face it, no matter what solution you choose, the cost of a website is not near the cost of a real shop at the main street in your town. So it is a small cost for getting customers to find you in your area and to get customers all around the globe.

The fast, but expensive way to start a website or…??

If you want to get fast up running and don’t care that much about the expenses I will recommend a solution like Wix or Shopify. Both companies had created a platform that is easy to use and had a fast learning curve. They take care of the payments with some build-in solutions, but the cost of this platform is still a lot higher than the solution I will recommend you.  

A solution with Wix with webshop integrated is over 4 times more expensive and has the disadvantage that you are limited to the tools that are available on this platform. The advantage is that Wix had been in the game for a lot of years, and had made an easy way to build a website that follows the needs the customers have over the year on the market. Back in the days, maybe around 2007-2008 I loved using Wix, I am an educated sports massage therapist and acupuncture, and with none experience at all, it was so easy to build the site. If you want to learn more about Wix, follow my link to their website – Click here

Shopify – A fast and easy way to start a webshop

A newer platform in the past 5 years is Shopify. They had built a huge customer base, maybe because of the easy interface, but for getting the shop up and running you need to install a lot of tools call plugins, for getting the best user experience. Most of these plugins cost money and will make your webshop even more expensive because Shopify takes a higher web hosting & payment rate than you can get in an open-source where you can choose whenever you want.

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